“Hello Dear One”

“Hello Dear One. This is the introductory statement at the beginning of most of Hong’s Channelings.

It has been a while since my last Blog and I do apologize for my dormant voice over the past months. I started this Blog to share my awakening journey and in particular my journey that evolves Hong and her channelings. I want to share the most important aspects of those messages and what I was able to take away from them.

I am not attached to the outcome of who finds this Blog as I know those that resonates with the material will find there way to it. Living with Joy and without expectations is one of the many lessons I have gotten from Hong’s Channelings.

I realize at some point Hong will be sharing directly with more and more people, as she feels the timing is right. Until then, and as long as it serves the highest purpose, I will work with Hong’s consent and permission to share these materials.The flow of material will be shared monthly at a minimum from here on.

Channeling is a unique experience .It is not specifically about the words themselves. The words, as people familiar with channeling will know, are often not sufficient in expressing many of the concepts that are seeking to be expressed. All channeling come with companion Energy that is shared thru listening or even by reading of the material.

First I must tell you Hong is very modest and never expected this journey. When Hong first got the impression that she may be a channel, (feeling pressure of energy in her throat area ), she infatically stated no! Hong was not interested in that. During this process of working with Hong, she has held a very strong sense of skepticism. From what I have seen, Hong was always drawn to what humans define as “perfection”, but Hong would be the first to admit to her human challenges during this journey.

To summarize, the earlier sessions of Hong’s channelings show her continual growth. By the middle of September 2019 Hong seems to have reached  a turning point. Hong is going deeper into her trance state. Hong has stated that she feels emotionally separate from the discussed topics. Hong also may not remember all of the topics discussed. In addition to working in a trance like state Hong is able to channel more consciously, staying in her emotional heart center. Hong’s ability to do this was shown during her last channeling on November 20 2019,when she connected to the Hybrid Children.

I have decided to share the November 20th channeling first and then summarize Hongs earlier channelings. I think this particular session will be a great introduction to what Hong maybe sharing in the future.


When health professionals ask me if I have children….I often would joke….”not that I know of “, ( as if I was some guy that hooked up with women and was uncertain), Ha Ha..right? The joke being how can a woman not know if she has children!! Well I guess the laugh is on me.

As Earth is Awakening to our galactic family and true history, people are being aware that they may have children. Infact I believe that over the coming decades we will be introduced to them. Both Hong and I have been told that we have children in previous channelings.

On November 20th, after the main channeling was completed, Hong and I reviewed what we thought about what had been discussed. Hong then began feeling the pressure and energy build back up. What happened was the Hybrid children came thru and flooded us both with love and deep appreciation. It was amazing! They discussed the drawings I had done and how they enjoyed them. They even stated that they enjoyed how they where portrayed by humanity. They thought it was funny to see how we see them.This short channeling was very unique and Hong found it to be exhilarating.


In addition to vivid dreams I have been experiencing flash pictures of Beings as I come out of my sleep or during my meditations. It is always unexpected. I have started to make drawings, which I have shared on my Instagram account, ( sstownsend65). These drawings where done two weeks prior to the November 20th channeling.

Most visions, seem to be of Hybrid Children but others are of Adult Beings that I feel I have a emotional connection to. I also have awoken to hearing a single little girl’s laughter in my ears in the past year. In Hong’s last Channeling ,(November 20th 2019),there are discussions of these drawings.

Hong has shared the images with a close friend Lynne. Lynne has been gifted since childhood, with both visual and auditory gifts. After Hong shared her last channeling, Lynne recieved a visitation from a Hybrid Child that match my picture of the little blond girl I drew! Amazing! There where three visitations in total. The little blond girl also brought with her a younger boy.

Both children where introduced as Lynne’s actual children. The young girl’s name was given as Gale and the young boy’s name given as Storm. Storm has not shown himself to me so I have not draw him yet.What a wonderful gift!!! Confirmation of the vision I was given. From other sources I have been told it is typical that many individuals genetics can me involved in one child’s life, possible as many as ten.

More people are remembering and having visitations from these children. Brigette Nelson has a large presence on You Tube where she describes encounters with her children. Mary Roswells books have highlighted much on the subject of Hybrid Children, both the special children incarnated on Earth and those we have yet to meet.

My next blog will be Hong’s last channeling from November 20th 2019. After that I will upload the earlier channeling giving readings from my dictation on my You Tube Channel (StephanieTownsendAwakenings).I have just started the channel.

One intro video is uploaded. I plan to produce simple produce a quick flood from the channelings Hong has given.I can not wait to share more!

Email : Stephanietownsendawakenings@gmail.com

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